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The following are just a small sample of some of the many comments, success stories and testimonials we receive via e-mails and letters.  We have divided this category into 3 sections, however many of the letters could fit into more than 1 section, so please don't hesitate to read all the sections.


Just wanted you guys to know that WMA Lightfoot+// was named 2002 IAHA Arabian 50 mile Endurance Horse of the Year at the recent AERC Convention in Chattanooga, TN. He completed 1000 miles last year --- all on Natural Balance Shoes or Natural Balance Polysteel shoes.

~ Sherrie


"I have had my mare Treasure in NBS since she has been showing. She has NEVER taken a lame step in 8 years. She has been an Open Pleasure and Trail Champion is an AQHA Champion,ROM Open and Amateur Halter Champion,ROM Amateur Performance Champion. And she must have NBS shoes on her front feet when she is in her last months of foaling due to her increased weight.I also have an AQHA Superior Trail,ROM Open and Amateur Performance Champion, World Qualifier who is 7 years old and has had NBS on since he was 3 years old and has never taken a lame step in four years on the road.He did all that when he was 4 and 5. He is still in NBS as well as Treasure. I have a yearling and when he is ready he will also be in NBS. Patty Stiller shod all my Champions and I just wish she was back in California to continue. We are very lucky to have another young farrier she trained to carry on in her place. If anyone ever had problems with the shoes they obviouly had problems with their farrier. Sorry, but the proof is in the show pen with me."


~ Regards, Mimi




Hi there, just thought I would drop you a note to tell you that I am using a farrier that uses the NBS shoes on my hunter/jumpers with good results.  I don't know if you want/need references on the A-hunter/jumper circuit but I'm willing if you're interested.  Also, would love to know about other owners/farriers in hunter/jumper world to talk to about their results.  I just now put them on my $50,000 hunter.

~ Melissa

(owner of AHSA Zone 9 pony jumper champion - 2001 who wears NB shoes.)


After numerous (ten) different farriers, five abscesses later, tripping and over newest farrier put on the Natural Balance shoes along with the correct trim (never takes off any sole) and my horse is the best ever!!! Never trips, never over reaches and moves beautifully!  Our first horse show and he won his class!  Thanks!

~ Audrey


For years, I was pretty skeptical of the concept of drawing back or broadening the rear toes of reining horses.  Like most reiners, I felt horses needed a certain amount of toe to help them stop, and the broader the toe the more friction there would be in the stop.  But I agreed to try the TK Sliders on 2 horses with movement and stopping issue, and 2 horses with no issues.  On every horse, I immediately noticed an increase in rear stride length, a total end to tripping and stubbing, and a much greater commitment in the stop.  My two-year-old who was a tentative stopper began going to the ground with confidence.  My shorter-strided horse with lead issues in fast circles now runs more freely with greater balance and never comes close to falling out of lead.  Even the two non-problematic horses display a greater conviction in their reining maneuvers that can only be attributed to a feeling of comfort and security with where their balance point is.  I plan to put the entire barn in these shoes right away.

I have seen first-hand that the concept of the TK Slider is a sound and valuable one, and is easily measured by the increase comfort and ability of each horse, regardless of conformation, movement or level of training.  Horses can't talk, but their performance speaks volumes.  I don't think anyone would disagree that comfortable, secure, and happy horses are what we strive for.  What's good for them is good for us.

~ Connie


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