Impression Material Instructions

The EDSS Sole Support Impression Material is a 2-part silicone based putty that has a consistency very similar to a healthy frog.  We introduced this material to the hoof care market back in 1993 and have been a leader in the industry ever since.  Over the last 15 years, the Impression Material has been used successfully are part of the treatment for laminitis, founder, navicular syndrome, contracted heels, underrun heels, heel pain, ring bone, and many other pathologies that require sole/frog support and load sharing.  Impression Material is simply one of the best tools farriers and veterinarians have today for enhancing caudal foot function, absorbing concusive forces, discipating energy, and distributing support more evening over a broader area.


Full application details are availble in the downloadable PDF listed below.  However, the general application is quite simple. 

1. Mix an EQUAL size portion of each color material together until well blended (no streaks & all one color).

2. Press the Mixed Material into the back half of the foot until it is at or slightly above the level of the prepared hoof wall.  (In some instances, you may want to fill the front half of the foot as well.)

3. There are 2 options for distributing the material evening throughout the foot and finalizing the application:

A: Tape an Impression Plate on the foot and allow the horse to bear weight.  This will make a perfectly flat, well distributed impression in the bottom of the foot.  (This is the best method when using on cases of Laminitis or Founder where the location and amount of support is extremely important.) After the material is set up, remove the Impression Plate and install the final shoe/pad unit or clog.

B: Nail (or attach) the final shoe and pad to the foot as normal.  Keep in mind that the working time of the material is typically less than 3 minutes, so it is important to get the material in the foot and get the shoe nailed on quickly.  We recommend nailing the shoe and pad on with 2 nails initially then setting the foot down and allowing the horse to bear weight.  This will distribute the material and insure you do not get a buldge of excess material set up under the pad.

4. Impression Material should not be used during a reset period.  You should install NEW Impression Material each time the horse is shod.


- EDSS Sole Support Impression Material - Instruction Guide (.pdf file)

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