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The following is just a small sampling of some of the many comments, success stories and testimonials we receive via e-mails and letters.  We have divided this page into 3 sections, however many of the letters could fit into more than 1 section, so please don't hesitate to read all the sections.


Cody, thanks for the referral to Dennis.  Dennis came right out last fall after I called him and put Louise in the Natural Balance shoe which helped her right away.  Just this week, Dennis was out and we're going to try to see if Louise can get along barefoot now.   We like Dennis and have much confidence in his work. 

~ Jo


I can't thank you enough for the invitation to attend the Gene Ovnicek clinic today. It's probably the best thing I have ever done and will ever do for my horses. I've always been very interested in Natural Balance shoeing. This clinic was a real treat!

Thank you. 

~ Amber


I just wanted to write and thank you soooo much for putting me in touch with Kevin in Idaho.  My navicular horse is now comfy and ridable.  Though Kevin is quite busy he took tons of time to explain methodology to me.  Thanks again for saving my horses! 

~ Connie


The best shoe I have ever used ! I started shoeing a hores with navicular. The vets said to retire it. The owner just wanted me to make the horse comfortable. To make a long story short I used your shoes and now the horse is back competing in Hunter Jumper shows.


~ T.D. 


I just wanted to let you folks know how much help this NB tutorial has been to me. I am my only client (I only do my own horses) so my experience after schooling has been slow coming, but since starting to use the NB trimming techniques (I have yet to use the shoes), my (7) horses feet have never looked better. Thank you for providing an excellent resource to the rest of the horse community.  

God bless,

~ Eileen

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