The articles and downloads in this section are related to many of the common lameness issues and pathologies that effect the modern day horse.  Although lameness is a complicated topic and should always be discussed with a veterinarian and farrier on a per case basis, some of the information here can still offer some clarity and understanding that will be helpful for many instances.

Treatment of Quarter Cracks & Laminitis - Case Study

  • Article
  • May 1, 2004
I was presented this case on 20th May, 2000. The horse was a warm blood mare 15:3 hands high, her job is dressage, at grand prix level. She was presented to me with bleeding quarter cracks on the medial side of both front feet. A heavy toe first l...

Laminitis - Going the Extra Mile

  • Article
  • May 1, 2004
     Treating laminitis takes time, expertise and sufficient finance to maintain the equine until recovery is complete. The length of treatment is governed by: 1) The severity of the case. 2) Early treatment utilizing both correctly fitt...

Life Cycle of Laminitis

  • Article
  • October 1, 1998
     The laminitis disease is termed serious, complicated, and often times life threatening.  Treatment procedures vary from medical assistance to mechanical treatments, or combinations of both.  Opinions of the urgency in which to apply mechanica...

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