General Hoof Care

The articles and downloads available in this section will give you general information about various hoof care topics such as barefoot trimming and natural balance shoeing.

TK Slider Application Protocol

  • Article
  • August 15, 2008
     The TK Sliders, coupled with a specific hoof preparation protocol is a refined shoeing approach for Reining Horses, Cutting Horses & Working Cow Horses, as well as any horse that requires precision sliding stops.  The design of the TK Sli...

Guidelines for Effectively Dealing with Hoof Distortions & Lameness

  • Article
  • October 6, 2007
  The information contained within these notes will help simplify many issues that pertained to lateral/medial hoof balance, dorsal/palmar hoof balance, as well as establishing a reliable formula for detecting and treating hoof deformities an...

Management & Treatment Options for Pigeon-Toed Horses

  • Article
  • June 27, 2007
  Introduction Horses that are pigeon-toed and/or base narrow are frequently seen to have lameness and gait fault issues.  Ring bone, coffin joint disease, and collateral ligament lesions, as well as tripping and stumbling are common wit...

Basic Principles of Natural Balance

  • Article
  • March 17, 2007
The skills and understanding that are required for the overall practice of hoof care in horses covers a broad spectrum.  From blacksmithing and metal work, to horse handling and customer care, a farrier’s job is multifaceted.  With that in mind, t...

Recognizing, Evaluating & Understanding Hoof Distortion and How it Relates to Lameness

  • Article
  • March 15, 2007
There are many common factors connected with lower limb lameness (LLL).  Horses that are driven or ridden in a straight line are less affected by lower limb lameness than those horses who are asked to continually and repeatedly turn circles and ma...

NB Hoof Care Corner - Information Tutorial

  • Article
  • November 15, 2006
Welcome to the Natural Balance Hoof Care Corner.  This segment of the website is a series of short articles we have put together on the topic of hoof care, both from a lameness prevention and lameness treatment view point.  To give you a little ba...

How Hoof Form Relates to Hoof Function

  • Article
  • January 15, 2006
     I think most hoof care practitioners would agree that preventing lameness is much easier than treating lameness.  Hoof distortion is shown to be one of the main causes of lower limb lameness.  In light of that, with proper information and gui...

Hoof Development in Foals

  • Article
  • June 1, 1997
     The existence of the equine species is dependent on the ability to flee danger from the moment of birth.  This applies to both the new born foal as well as the dam, whom may be limited in her ability to move quickly during the post-partum per...

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